Scholarship Opportunities

The Echols Scholar Program is proud to offer a variety of scholarships & grants exclusively awarded to Echols Scholars. Listed below are the current scholarships available.

Echols Scholars are also encouraged to apply to other scholarships available through the University's Center for Undergraduate Excellence website:


Sheri Gayle Richman Memorial Scholarship

The Sheri Gayle Richman Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a fourth-year Echols Scholar, in the amount of $5,000. The recipient of this scholarship must be pursuing a degree in the humanities and social sciences (not the physical sciences) and intends to enter a program of graduate of professional study in the fall after their graduation.

The Scholarship was established for Echols Scholars by the family of Sheri Gayle Richman, an Echols Scholar and a 1988 graduate of the College. She was to enter the University of Chicago Law School when she was killed in an automobile accident on June 7, 1988.

Application Requirements: A double-spaced personal statement of approximately 1,000 words in which you reflect on your career at the University and relate academic work, activities, jobs, and other experiences to future professional and personal goals. Please state to the graduate or professional programs to which you have applied to. Financial need may be described and a letter of recommendation from a faculty member familiar with your work can be submitted.


The Laurie Woolen Scholarship

The Laurie Lee Woolen Memorial Scholarship is awarded to two first year Echols Scholars. The Scholarship, each of approximately $2500.00, was established for Echols Scholars by the friends and family of Laurie Lee Woolen, who died in an automobile accident in July of 1982, after completing her second year at the University.

Application Requirements:

  1. Personal Statement: The personal statement should consist of an essay, double spaced, of approximately 3-4 pages in length. The applicant should describe how his or her mind has developed during these first few months at the University as well what the implications of these developments are for future academic work. The applicant may mention course work ,but also of experiences outside of class and of contributions made to University life. Financial need may be described, but will be used as a criterion only in cases of a virtual tie based on other criteria.

  2. Letter of Recommendation: The letter of recommendation should be from a professor or teaching assistant of the first or second semester. It may not be from a dean or staff member. The letter may be based on a personal interview or performance in a class and should reflect the instructor's judgement of the Scholar in a small class or discussion section.


The Adatto Scholarship

The Kenneth N. and Barbara B. Adatto Scholarship is awarded annually to an Echols Scholar of any year or major from the state of Louisiana. The criteria include the quality, inventiveness, and integrity of the student's academic program and intellectual life, as well as his or her contribution to the academic community of the University.

Application Requirements: Please submit a personal statement, resume, letter of recommendation and unofficial transcript.


Ingrassia Family Echols Scholar Research Fund

The Ingrassia Family Echols Scholars Research Fund offers financial support for student research projects related to a Distinguished Major's thesis. 

Application Requirements: Complete the following form and email it to Michael Timko, Director of the Echols Scholar Program, at