Founded during the spring semester of 2015, the Echols Ambassadors Program seeks to connect prospective Echols Scholars to current students who belong to the University of Virginia's renowned Honors program. The Echols Ambassadors strive to welcome new prospective Echols scholars through one-on-one interactions, representing diverse points of view of the Echols community and sharing their personal experiences to be a resource for accepted scholars during their college decision-making process. 

Chosen after each spring semester's application and interview process, the Echols Ambassadors represent the diverse geographical, academic, and extracurricular environment of the passionate honors community throughout the academic year as well as during Virginia's official Days On The Lawn.


All new Echols Ambassadors will have the following responsibilities:

  • Attending training sessions in early spring to learn more about and better represent the Echols Program,

  • Answering questions over email and phone with prospective students regarding the Echols Scholar Program and life at the University of Virginia,

  • Informally meet with prospective students visiting Grounds for coffee or lunch (on us!) to discuss the Echols Scholar Program,

  • Volunteer at Days On The Lawn activities such as student panels, lunch buddies, and dorm tours

  • Reach out to admitted Echols Scholars by letter, phone, or email to tell them about the Echols Scholar Program.

Selection Process:

Applications for each class of ambassadors open during late Fall. 

Please contact if you have any questions about the program or the application process!