Echols Council Committees

Echols Council has now recruited 2018-2019 committee members.

The Echols Council is the governing body of the Echols Scholars Program. Members of the council are responsible for organizing various events including Echols social events, academic and career events, and Days on the Lawn for prospective Echols Scholars, as well as coordinating closely with the faculty directors of the Echols Scholars Program. Echols Council consists of the Executive Board, Committee Board, and Committee Members.

Each chair position oversees a committee that operates in the Council. You will find below a description of the chairs' visions for each committee and the responsibilities that committee members will be filling. 

Fireside Chats - The Fireside Chat Speaker Series is a series of small round-table discussions with university professors and Echols scholars. Inspired by Franklin D. Roosevelt's "Fireside Chats" from 1933-1944, the mission of this program is to facilitate intellectual curiosity by connecting students with professors directly. Each month, the Echols Council organizes a list of professors to discuss on a variety of topics. Food and drinks are provided at each Fireside Chat. Fireside Chat Committee responsibilities will include communicating with professors, managing schedules, documenting chats, set up/clean up, and other various responsibilities of Echols Council committee members according to the Constitution and the discretion of the Chair of Fireside Chats. 

Academic Opportunities and Professional Development - The Special Academic Opportunities and Professional Development committee seeks to expand the Echols Brand to the professional community and discover ways to better utilize the diverse alumni network.

Social and Community Events - The Social and Community Events committee is responsible for expanding the social and community service opportunities in the Echols Scholars program.  Members brainstorm, create and manage the logistics of their own events so as to attract more students to Echols activities in general. Previous events include but are not limited to organizing an activities fair geared towards activist groups on Grounds, a first-year talent show, and an echols-wide trivia night on the corner.

Public Relations- The Public Relations committee will be responsible for assisting in both the functions of internal and external communications or marketing. Within the Echols community, members will help publicize Echols Council events, especially by updating social media to promote events and taking photos and creating visual content to add to social media as a public record of what Echols scholars are doing. 

Mentorship - The Echols Ambassadors initiative began in the Spring of 2015 as an outlet for prospective students around the nation to connect with students in the Echols Scholars Program.  Chosen for their passionate involvement and diverse interests, the Ambassadors communicate with high school students interested in Echols and have a larger role in organizing and participating in Days on the Lawn.  This year, we will continue working closely with the Admissions Office to strengthen the outreach program, provide feedback, and develop new ideas for the honors college.